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School in Kent on Meningitis Alert as Teacher Hospitalised

Meningitis outbreak warning Schoolchildren at Mascalls Academy
Library photo: Schoolchildren Credit: PA

A secondary school in Kent has issued a health warning to staff, students and parents after a teacher was struck down with meningitis.
Mascalls Academy in Paddock Wood, Tonbridge, has more than one thousand students.
We have been notified that a member of the Mascalls teaching staff has been hospitalised in the last 24 hours with bacterial meningitis and septicaemia. As you will appreciate this is a serious condition and as a result the school has taken medical advice and notified the various authorities so that they are aware of the outbreak."
In a statement, school bosses said it will "continue to operate as normal" as "additional outbreaks are highly unlikely".
The school added: "our thoughts and best wishes are with our member of staff and their family during this difficult time".


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