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Boy, 5, dies of meningitis in La Spezia, Italy

Nurses at ANSA La Spezia

(ANSA) - January 18 - A five-year-old boy died of meningitis in a hospital in La Spezia Thursday, the Liguria regional government said. Standard procedures for managing cases of meningococcus sepsis have been initiated, the government said.

Anti-biotics will be given to all those who came into close contact with the boy this afternoon. Doctors will go to the boy's nursery school to start administering antibiotics, medical sources said. The regional health agency, ALISA, set up a commission to assess the case and recommend all possible action.

This new release originally appeared on, http://www.ansa.it/english/news/general_news/2018/01/18/boy-5-dies-of-meningitis-in-la-spezia-3_45870bfb-9148-48c8-9c34-3a88049cc7d6.html

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