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008 - Trey Olds Interview | Autism After Meningitis | Meningitis News

I met Trey Olds on Facebook several months ago. He emailed me about being a guest on Meningitis News so that he could share his story with the world and hopefully inspire other people experiencing the same challenges like he does on the day to day basis.
Trey was born premature and at 3 months he fell ill with bacterial meningitis. His case was so bad that the doctors wouldn’t let his mother leave the hospital room to call her husband who worked out in the oil fields. Trey survived. During his childhood, he faced a number of health difficulties. He’s legally blind in his left eye, color blind and brain damage to his frontal lobe.
Through it all, Trey is an amazing person who has persevered. Trey hosts a radio-style podcast called The Trey Olds Show, https://www.spreaker.com/show/the-trey-olds-radio-show_1 where he interviews actors, business people, and celebrities. 
You can find Trey Olds on social media profiles:
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Meningitis News is hosted by Daisi Pollard Sepulveda who became a spokesperson for meningitis immunization advocacy groups after being diagnosed with meningitis in 2006.
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