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006 - Epilepsy After Meningitis with Momona Samuel | Meningitis news

I met Momona many years ago when I was just setting up my first business. She was a very close friend to my then assistant. Since I’ve kept in touch with her mainly through social media but it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I learned we had more in common than a mutual friend. 

Momona suffered from infantile meningitis. Her parents were told she made a full recovery with no signs of prolonged after effects.  However growing up, Momona experienced auras which she didn’t  attribute to a particular illness until she began having seizures. Momona began having seizures in 2005, around the time we first met. She continued through school, graduation, her first job, and all of the ‘coming of age’ experiences one has as a young adult just starting out - all while having seizures. At certain point, Momona was forced to move back home to Seattle with her parents. She was diagnosed with epilepsy but no-one was quite clear where the epilepsy came from. It wasn’t until Momona underwent a series of tests that it was determined that the probable cause of her epilepsy was from infantile meningitis. 

In this episode, Momona tells her story of learning she had epilepsy as a result of meningitis,  the decision to have brain surgery and making a full recovery. 

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