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About Us

About Meningitis News

Meningitis News aims to disseminate news and educate the public about meningitis. Meningitis News is a weekly broadcast that delivers information on meningitis related to outbreaks, vaccinations, legislation, policy and other important topics related to meningitis. Meningitis News features industry experts, survivors, and families of victims of meningitis.  

Meningitis News is hosted by Daisi Pollard Sepulveda and produced by Daisi Media Corp. Sponsor and advertising revenue generated through the Meningitis News website, Youtube channel and social media sites supports the production and distribution of our content.

About Our Host

Daisi Pollard Sepulveda became active in the meningitis community after surviving meningitis in 2006. Daisi began as a fundraiser for meningitis non-profits. In 2012 Daisi co-chaired the Give Kids A Shot Gala with the National Meningitis Association. She was also elected President of the Meningitis Foundation of America and held the position through 2014.  

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